- AFCI Products -

AFCI works with cutting edge products such as:

  • Tremco's new lifetime warranted polymer modified asphalt waterproofing
  • Fortress® and DrainStar® gravel free foundation drainage system (send water down the drain not your money!!!!!!!!).

AFCI utilizes products which are rated to be the best all polymer waterproofing on the market such as:

  • Rub-R-Wall®
  • And Rub-R-Wall® Commercial Grade.

AFCI also coats with excellent materials such as Watchdog® and Graywall® waterproofing and Graywall-Lite® and PolyPro Dampproofing.

Specialty coatings include:

  • HDR 4000 UV stable industrial maintenance coating for above grade applications
  • tanks and exterior structures, pond or fountain liner
  • Duro-Flex roof coating
  • Air Vapor Barrior and Aluma Shield restoration waterproofing.